The Recreated of Christ Gospel Ministries International (TRCGM) was birthed on Sunday 20th of August 2006 @ No 4 Olusola Close off Quadri St. Abule Taylor off Lagos/Abeokuta Exp. Way Abule Egba Lagos.

The first service was attended by twenty two members, whose names were kept in the founders diary for future references.

The Church came into being as a result of God’s instructions which had been communicated to the founder many years back, but which he dittered until that day.

The Ministry had undergone two different names which were not approved by The C.A.C. due to clash of names because of our inability to do the same within the stipulated time frame.

Elder Ajibade OSOBU (late) made available spaces for the inauguration and birth.

It is of note that SP/M/I Prophetess Alaba Ayodeji also accommodated the Church Ministry at our time of trial and both Landlords accommodated us without costs.

This Ministry was founded on the foundations of the Apostles and Prophets and Christ being The Corner stone.(Ephesians 2:20)



  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To teach, develop and practice the teaching of Jesus Christ
  • To prepare the World for Christ second coming
  • To follow the doctrines as laid down in the Holy Bible by the New testament Church.
  • To encourage the development of spiritual power to benefit mankind
  • To make people appreciate and believe in the efficacy of prayers.
  • To encourage self sacrifice by way of fasting and self denial, avoiding immoralities to enhance the development and attainment of considerable heights in spirituality – Holiness.
  • To create an avenue, by way of organization, uprightness and model service, so that the sit at home Christians and unbelievers may be reawakened.
  • To develop absolute faith and confidence needed to offer prayers.